Mozilla Event In Nablus

Saturday, November 10th, 2018 an event about Mozilla’s project’s and contribution opportunity was held at An- Najah National University in Nablus – Palestine . The event was organized by Palestine tech meetups and IEEE Najah students branch .  Many university students and professionals attended the event, they were so excited about Mozilla technologies and they were surprised that Mozilla has many many things besides to Firefox. the greatest product!

The event lasted for four  hours and it has three main speakers who talked about several topics related to Mozilla .

The event started by Yamama Shakaa, a Mozilla tech speaker who is interested in  improving education in Palestine. Yamama started by giving introduction about Mozilla products and projects. She talked briefly about types of Firefox and what Firefox provides for developers. Also, she talked about resources  Mozilla provides for  developers like MDN( Mozilla developers network)  and Mozilla hacks.  Moreover, she gave quick introduction  to some Mozilla developers innovations like RUST and Web Assembly .

The next speaker was Aya Sofan, a Mozilla tech speaker who recently got her master degree in data science. Aya talked about machine learning technology. She linked machine learning with common voice which  is a Mozilla’s initiative to help teach machines how real people speak. She encouraged the audience to donate their voices and help in increasing Arabic voices.

After Aya, Yamama talked  about Mozilla efforts to bring immersive realities to the web. She talked about web virtual reality and Mozilla a-frame. She showed several demos which were built using a-frame. She also talked about Mozilla hubs and how it could help in education. Then she talked about Firefox Reality browser and invited the audience to try it using Oculus go.

The last speaker was Ruba Awayes. Ruba is a Mozilla contributer who works with Arabic localization team and SuMo (Support Mozilla). Ruba gave a great presentation about Mozilla contribution opportunities. She explained in details how she got started her journey as a Mozilla contributor.

It is worthwhile to mention that Ayah, Yamama and Ruba are Techwomen alumni  who got their mentor ship at Mozilla and continues their contribution with Mozilla when getting back home.

The following links contains all presented slides :

Introduction About Mozilla – Yamama Shakaa

Machine Learning and Common Voice – Ayah Soufa

Immersive Realities to the web – Yamama Shakaa
Mozilla’s Projects’ and contribution opportuinities.

Here are more photos from the event :


Written by Yamama Shakaa





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